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The Miss World 2019 opening ceremony will be held in London, each contestant will compete in a set of FastTrack events that guarantee a place at the top 30. These include Multimedia, Sport, Talent, Top version, Visit Head Challenge and Beauty With A Purpose, shooting them on a trip over several of those London's most iconic landmarks taking in its tradition and heritage

Julia Morley said: "London is the greatest city in the world to see. It's where Miss World started in 1951 included in the Festival of Britain celebrations which season, we will wear the best show.

The 'Beauty With a Purpose' global national program reaches the core of Miss World. This global platform pushes and empowers thousands of women from all over the world to utilize their skills to raise awareness and funds in aid of causes that make lasting and real tangible differences into sick, the poor and deprived.

More details about the festival and final will probably be released in the coming months.

Even the Miss World final series will be broadcast globally to over 150 states, where audiences will watch as the reigning Miss World Live Stream pass on the summit to the 69th Miss World in London.

The world's largest international event yields to London because of its 69th year.

The Miss World Organisation, led by Julia Morley, Chairman, and CEO, has now announced live on Hello Britain using Piers Morgan exciting intends to bring 130 incredible women from all around the world to London for also the Miss World Final and a three-week festival. Contestants will arrive in London on 20 November using the final occurring on Saturday 14 December at ExCeL London.

For many of them, this will probably be their initial trip to London, plus they are really excited. They can not wait to share their own customs, the music they like, the food that they eat and the astounding range of beauty With A Purpose' charitable endeavors they're working on."

The Miss World Festival will be held in Thailand in 2020 to celebrate the 70th year. Thailand will be working closely around in London to talk about the London experience. Full details of our 2020 celebrations will be announced shortly.

source: https://missworld.com/#/news/1722

London to host 69th Miss World final